Mar 14, 2013

Understanding the BrownSpiceBeauty Spice Rating System

Hello BSB Followers. Many of you have asked about our product Spice Rating System and what the different spice ratings mean so, we decided to break them down for you.

BSP Spice Ratings from Highest to Lowest

BLAZIN  - Our highest rating. Fantastic Product. This product delivers on All of it's claims and promises and in some cases exceeded our expectations.

HOT  - Great Product.  Some claims and promises were not met. Very minor improvements needed.

MILD  - Ok Product. Many claims or promises were not met. Requires some improvements.

BLAND - Our lowest rating. Bad Product. Claims or promises were not met or were too minor to impact the overall quality of the product. Major improvements needed.

If you have any questions, just hit us up.

Stay Beautiful!

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