Apr 12, 2013

Milani Limited Edition Texture Creams Nail Lacquers Review!

Hey BSBs!  I am so excited that this is our very first nail color review. YAY!!! There are a lot of brands coming out with new textured polishes this season. I have been road testing the Milani Limited Edition Texture Creams Nail Lacquers and I am ready to give you the scoop. These have been out for a little bit, but I wanted to give them a true test before I reviewed them. The first thing that caught my eye on these were the great color choices. They are offered in 5 vibrant jewel tones (901-Tainted In Red, 902-Spoiled In Fuchsia, 903-Aqua Splash, 904-Yellow Mark, 905-Purple Streak) and a slate gray (906-Shady Gray) and they are super affordable at only $4.99 each.
Photo Courtesy of Milanicosmetics.com 
906-Shady Gray
I have only been able to find 2 colors (902-Spoiled In Fuchsia & 906-Shady Gray) in my local drugstore and I love them both. Both colors look great against my richer skin tone, but there is something about the look of the Shady Gray that I am addicted to. It will definitely be a go to for me.
Application is simple. There is no special process. You just apply it like a regular polish. Two good coats is all you need. Any more and it starts to smooth out a bit and you lose the nice texture. I chose not to use a top coat because I liked the finish as it is.

The texture and matte finish really makes the colors look velvety. It almost has the look of Stucco with the same kind of rough texture. I think you will either love of hate the feeling. It is not a sandy texture so, it does not flake off. It does not really snag on clothing or in your hair at all, but it may scrape more delicate fabrics like satin or silk if rubbed too hard. I find it to be very rugged and can take a lot more abuse than a regular nail polish. It took me doing some serious pot and pan scrubbing before I had any signs of chipping. This lacquer takes a good beating.

902-Spoiled In Fuchsia
Removal of the lacquer was fairly easy in comparison to other textured nail techniques I have tried. Just hold  polish remover soaked cotton on your nail for 15-20 seconds and it comes right off. This is a big plus!

You may get lucky and can still find these Milani Limited Edition Texture Creams Nail Lacquers in your local drugstore, but if you can not, all of the colors are still available to purchase online from the Milani website. I will be ordering the rest of the colors I was unable to find. I am dying to get my hands on that 904-Yellow Mark. :-)

  • Consistency: Stucco like texture creates a velvety look. May scrape more delicate fabrics.
  • Durability: Very rugged and can withstand much more than regular polish.
  • Removal:  Removal was fairly easy with the right technique.
  • Colors: Great limited edition colors that will work very well on richer skin tones.
  • Value: They are only $4.99 each. Enough Said!

Overall, I give this product a BSB Spice Rating of HOT!

If you have used this product or decide to try it, please leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Always remember to Embrace the Spice in your Brown Beauty! xoxoxo

Apr 4, 2013

SimplyVera Vera Wang Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer Review!

Hello Brown Spice Beauties! I have missed you guys. :-) Now, let's get right down to business. I was doing some shopping over the weekend at Kohl's and just as I was getting ready to meet up with my sweetie in another department, I happend to walk by the cosmetics area and a product caught my eye. When you know your skin color well, you can spot a product that may work for you in an instant. It was the SimplyVera Vera Wang Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer.
I remember hearing about Vera Wang coming out with a makeup line, but it was totally off of my radar. I made a u-turn and checked out the display. It is only available in 3 shades that are numbered. The color that caught my eye was the deepest shade #204 and the word "illuminating" in the name of the product also peeked my interest. That usually means it will have some ligh reflecting qualities and that is always a must when it comes to your face.

This product boasts "Wand applicator gives coverage in one sweep. Shimmering finish lends a light luster." I was already fully made up for the day so, I tried it in the store under my eyes over my existing makeup. It comes in a applicator pen that you twist on the bottom and the product comes through the bristles for use. The pen holds .09 FL OZ of product.This certainly makes it convenient to use and to carry in your makeup kit.   Once I applied it under my eyes, I loved what it did. It instantly gave me a brighter look, but I needed to get it home to really give it a true test. The SimplyVera Vera Wang Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer cost $19.50 exclusively at Kohl's so, I scooped it right up.  I took shots of the product as soon as I got home.

The color looks light in the pictures, but it worked perfectly with my foundation on my richer skin tone.

See how the product conceals and brightens my skin?

I decided to fully test it out the next day, which happened to be Easer Sunday. I used just my foundation and the SimplyVera Vera Wang Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer under my eyes to see what kind of coverage I would get. It actually covers quite nicely. It also worked great to highlight my cheek bones. I wore it all day and it had great staying power. There was very little if any creasing. Because I have a bit more darkness under my eyes in the corners and on my nose from wearing glasses sometimes, I may use a little bit of my usual concealer along with it in the future. Overall, it did cover well on it's own.  Here is a shot of me on Easter Sunday wearing the concealer.

  • Consistency: Very creamy and blends out well.
  • Coverage  Good coverage!  If you need a lot of coverage, you will need to mix with a heavier concealer our just use this product as a highlighter.
  • Longwear:  It lasted all day with no reapplication and very little if any creasing.
  • Shades: It is only available in 3 shades. Hopefully she will expand it in the future. However, with the shades she does offer, it can definitely work on many richer skin tones.
  • Product Claims: Product can be applied in one sweep, but you do need to blend it out. The finish does not really have a shimmer, but it does have a nice lustre that reflects the light nicely.
  • Value/Convenience: The pen applicator is sized just right to take with you and apply on the go. bag. The cost is mid rage and comprable with most department store concealers.

Overall, I give this product a BSB Spice Rating of HOT!

If you have used this product or decide to try it, please leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Always remember to Embrace the Spice in your Brown Beauty! xoxoxo

Mar 14, 2013

Understanding the BrownSpiceBeauty Spice Rating System

Hello BSB Followers. Many of you have asked about our product Spice Rating System and what the different spice ratings mean so, we decided to break them down for you.

BSP Spice Ratings from Highest to Lowest

BLAZIN  - Our highest rating. Fantastic Product. This product delivers on All of it's claims and promises and in some cases exceeded our expectations.

HOT  - Great Product.  Some claims and promises were not met. Very minor improvements needed.

MILD  - Ok Product. Many claims or promises were not met. Requires some improvements.

BLAND - Our lowest rating. Bad Product. Claims or promises were not met or were too minor to impact the overall quality of the product. Major improvements needed.

If you have any questions, just hit us up.

Stay Beautiful!

Jan 7, 2013

Laura Geller Original Spackle Make-up Primer Review!

I have been watching Laura Geller on QVC for years and customers have always had great things to say about her Original Spackle Under Make-up Primer. I have never used a full face primer so, when one of my favorite shopping sites Hautelook.com had a Laura Geller sale event,  I decided to scoop it up and give it a try.

The Original Spackle Under Make-up Primer 2oz. retails for $27.00, but I scooped it up on Hautelook.com for only $15.00.

The product description boasts that Spackle is made with natural plant extracts and the powerful anti-oxidants, White Tea and Centella Asiatica Extracts. These ingredients protect the skin along with Aloe Vera Gel. Spackle also helps the skin retain moisture, feel softer and look smoother. It is lush, incredibly lightweight and suitable for all skin types.

The primer formula is clear and will definitely work on all skin tones. It does not really have a scent to it at all, which I love. The light scent it does have is very fresh. After applying it to my skin for the first time I noticed an immediate difference. My skin was much smoother. I also have very large pores on my nose that virtually seemed to disappear. My nose had a much smoother appearance. This has always been a challenge for me because makeup just seems to sit into the pores and define them even more. I was very impressed.

The biggest difference was how my foundation just seemed to glide on. I used a foundation brush and found it was easier to apply and I was able to use much less foundation to get full coverage. This is a big PLUS!

  • Consistency: Very lightweight and has a silky finish. Virtually no scent. 
  • Moisture Retention:  It does lock in moisture. My skin looked more hydrated after application and it lasted under my makeup all day.
  • Suitable For All Skin Tones/Types:  Absolutely! The clear formula and use of natural plant extracts supports this.
  • BSB Spice Rating: HOT

If you own this product or decide to try it, make sure you post a comment and let us know what you think.

Dec 7, 2012

We're Back!

Hello Brown Spice Beauties!

We have been gone for a minute, but now We Are Back! We have been researching brands and developing our blog to bring you even better reviews and so much more. Make sure you are registered to follow us so you can be eligible for upcoming giveaways. Be on the look out for new posts and some exciting updates