About Us

Well Hello Beauty Mavens! My name is Sumer Grissom and I am one half of BrownSpiceBeauty. I am a plus size model, wife and lover of all things BEAUTY. Since my days of playing dress up and going through my mom's make-up bag trying to look just like her, I have been in love with make-up and the ability to transform. I have come a long way from my Avon Cherry Jubilee lipstick and am now becoming a beauty product connoisseur.

Being an African-American woman with a deeper brown skin tone on the spectrum, I often times found myself struggling to find vibrant colors that would show up on me and not make me look washed out and ashy. Let's not even talk about the money wasted on products that look great in the package and totally different when you apply it. I had enough! Through BrownSpiceBeauty, I plan on sharing products that work best on skin tones like mine, application tips and reviewing new products to let you know if they are worth adding to your collection. Plan on having lots of fun with us and learning just why we are in love with all things BEAUTY. ;-)

Hey, I'm Ananda Hardial and I am the other half of BrownSpiceBeauty. This is a place for me to share my love for beauty, fashion and makeup! I am just a regular girl - full time worker, wife and mother of three who has always been enamored with the beauty and color in the world, other people and within ourselves.

I love everything about the 50s and 60s, and spent years perfecting the perfect cat eye liner look. As the years went on, I realized I was stuck, and wanted to evolve from that era and try new looks. So, late at night, after my kids were in bed, I would scroll through the many Youtube videos and blogs and proceeded to play with new makeup looks, techniques and products. The problem I found was that there minimal women of color in any of the information I was finding.

I am from Guyanese decent and have medium skin tone with a reddish yellow undertones.  Most of the colors and products that were recommended in these videos and blogs just did not show up on my skin and I found myself frustrated. BrownSpiceBeauty is a place where I can share with others - tried and tested fabulous products as well as product fails - makeup looks - and beauty trends as it relates to us, women of color.